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Datalus Workshop is a collective of incredibly artistic and technically driven professionals
from the film, television, visual effects, design, marketing, & advertising industries.


No matter if we’re working for a major Hollywood studio or a small hometown business Our Team brings
spirit and passion to every project we work on and every client we work with.


Our team of writers and artists have 15 years of experience in pre-visualization and conceptual design for film, television, and video games.


Our production team members have well over 20 years experience in the industry and our members have worked for every major studio.

Post Production

Our team has a long track record of providing professional editing, motion graphics, and VFX work, for marketing and distribution.

Motion Graphics

With over a decade worth of experience in motion graphics and 3D Animation our team can generate eye popping branding or visual effects.


Let our marketing and design teams work with you to develop and create the brand for your latest product, business, or production.

Social Media

Connecting with audiences or clients is vital to a business or production, so let our professionals help you navigate the world of social media.

conceptual design

team spotlight

Michael B. Mullins

A professional cinematographer & camera op Michael has worked on major films such as Hidalgo, Spiderwick Chronicles, and Superman Returns.

Omar Milano

Working as a professional sound mixer Omar has worked extensively for National Geographic, History, Discovery and Animal Planet.

Johnathan Paul

A Producer and Director of several award winning documentary films as well as a former Marketing Executive for several Fortune 500 companies.

filmmaking insights

Shooting for the edit is a technique used to aid you in post production. As a filmmaker and videographer, you will need to keep the editing process in mind while shooting footage. By doing this, you are enabling yourself to make the editing process that much easier. — see more at Premiumbeat.com

Practical lights are visible lights in your shot that can also provide much-needed illumination while motivating the way you light your scene. Lighting your scene with practical lights can be crucial when shooting a documentary or when working quickly. The problem is that practical… — see more at Premiumbeat.com

Dynamic range is the “ratio between the largest and smallest values of a changeable quantity.”  This range between the largest and smallest can be measured with light or sound. With sound, it’s the measurement between the… — see more from this article at Premiumbeat.com

Companies Our Team has Worked With

Documentary Production

Datadocs is a division of Datalus Pictures founded by award winning documentary filmmakers with the expressed intent of producing engaging documentary film and television productions for various platforms.